<<<  C'est moi, Kim West. I am a painter, and my visual arts practice incorporates studio painting, mural making, and installation projects activated with collaborative performance. 

Most who know my work are familiar via Instagram, or from murals located throughout California, including Only One Way Through, an expansive 5-story mural commissioned by Hauser Wirth on the exterior of their Los Angeles gallery and described as “dreamlike” by the New York Times, and more recently, Kaleidoscope (How'd Ya Get to be Happiness?), a mural of  environmental scope spanning multiple façades of the AES power plant in Huntington Beach, CA. (Currently, the largest completed mural in America –!!!)

My work engages with memories, reflections, washy landscapes, and color-forward, often technicolor bright, botanical motifs. Fractured realities become allegorical events. A developing exploration of layer-painting work literally and figuratively expands on notions of what happens when sacred memories begin to fade.

Following studies in printmaking, photography, painting, and literature at Smith College, Amherst College and the Instituto de Allende, I graduated from the painting department at Rhode Island School of Design. 

Based in Los Angeles, I live in an old (for LA) house with my husband (who helped build my studio in the backyard garden), our two kiddos, and a couple of doggos.

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