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One of a Kind, Editioned Trucker Hats

Coming Soon

Washy, watercolor stained backgrounds are individually hand painted with deeply pigmented textile inks by Kim West, and then layered with her original imagery that is transfer printed. Each is therefore one of a kind, and will vary slightly from one to the next. 

Painted and Printed in Los Angeles, California, these hats are the first edition run of 75 for each color way. Signed on interior brim,  one size fits most.

Imagery for this hat is inspired by the process of making my mural Kaleidoscope (How'd Ya Get To Be Happiness?), a 122,000+ square foot installation located in Huntington Beach, CA. The completed mural spans nine separate surfaces, and sits on the PCH across from the Pacific, perched in coastal wetlands. Conceptualized in studio following site visits, research, studies, and the making of maquettes crafted by the inch and then foot, the project is experiential from myriad perspectives, and is an ode to joyful and sunny meanderings, fleeting magic, and local flora and fauna – including great blue herons, migratory butterflies, and matilijia poppies. 

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